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I have lived in Denver for 7 years, and grew up in Nederland Colorado. I eat all around the state, I know a lot of hidden gems, and want to share them with you. I am always looking for good restaurants and I am sick of digging and digging for that information, come on Colorado lets share what we are eating!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Drunk" on sausage.................

No, no, no this is not pornography.  But by all of the food that we consumed you might think a bit grotesque and sad.  Recently was joined by my two favorite foodies, Teresa and Jesse, to eat Polish food.  Cracovia restaurant is a small restaurant in Westminster Colorado.  We went on a Friday night, and the place appeared to be busy, not all the tables were full but for this small family restaurant it appeared to be a large crowd.  We were pre-warned that if we took a booth close to the dance floor it would be loud, yes I said dance floor.  There is a one man band, not only does he play trumpet, but he sings, and plays a keyboard.  What this isn't your thing?  Ok not ours either but felt like going to someones wedding and being entertained, hell people even danced.  Be prepared as the service is very slow, but the food is very good.  First off our waiter asked for a drink order, Teresa and I ordered Cokes and Jesse ordered a beer.  When we got the cokes there was no ice, we were informed later that the ice machine was broken.  Ok I love ice so I felt very sad, but it was going to be fine as I was in good company. 

Teresa and Jesse ordered the platter for two and I order the platter for one.  This is not cheap, but it will feed you 3 times trust me.  We started with bread and a pate, was very nice and creamy.  The second course was soup, we all got different ones.  Mine was dill pickle and potatoes, let me tell you this was so freaking good, I love love love dill pickles and I wish I could make this at home because I would eat it everyday.  Jesse got Beet soup which was great, creamy and sweet, Teresa got breakfast soup as I like to call it, had sausage, hard boiled eggs, and potatoes.

Beet soup and Beer

"Breakfast" soup

Dill pickle soup!!!!!!!

Then came the food, lots and lots of food.  My plate came with perogies, kielbasa, cabbage roll, cucumber and beet salads.  Teresa and Jesse's came with all of those plus a croquette of some kind of meat, mashed potatoes and short ribs.  Need I say more

sauces for cabbage rolls

cucumber sour cram salad

freaking adorable

Jesse stop playing with your food

sausage, potatoes, spare ribs

pirogi, croquette, cabbage roll

Ok this place is awesome.  Very slow, but the food makes up for it.  Go support this local family restaurant. 


  1. Forgot to mention the mustard, they make it in house and it is the best I have ever tasted!!!!

  2. Jesse and teresa had a 4 time dinner, I had a 3 time dinner :)