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I have lived in Denver for 7 years, and grew up in Nederland Colorado. I eat all around the state, I know a lot of hidden gems, and want to share them with you. I am always looking for good restaurants and I am sick of digging and digging for that information, come on Colorado lets share what we are eating!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nothing to write home about.............

I will say one thing, Thai is just alright to me, I don't get excited about it, not like Mexican.  I will also say that the absolute best curry that I have ever had in my life was at a Thai place in Portland OR, the Thai House in Westminster is not.  Ok ok it was just fine, but I wouldn't write home about it.  The Thai House is located at 80th and Sheridan.  I did not pick this restaurant one of my friends did because they really like it.  So maybe I am just a bad judge of Thai food, and my friend is a good judge of Thai food?  I would also like to say that there is one Thai place that I love eating in Colorado and that is Chez Thuy in Boulder, but I do not get to Boulder often so occasionally I will go to Thai in Denver.  Please note that when going here the food is really spicy.  I ordered medium and I really like spicy things, and even I was sweating.  If you do not like spicy things be sure to order mild or very mild. Also order the Thai iced tea because it is always good.

Before stirring

After stirring
We started with some appetizers because we were very hungry, almost hangry if you want to push it. 

Both appetizers were very good, but aren't all fried things delicious?  Next were the curries, I had green curry which had a nice flavor and really cleared out my sinuses. 

Both curries were very tasty, but not special, they just tasted like curry.  Overall this place is good, it is in a strip mall location and the prices are reasonable.  I would go again but only if asked by friends, I would not go there just to go there. 

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  1. Correction Chey Thuy is Vietnamese food, but they also offer curries and chinese mom corrected me :)