Me, myself, and Food

I have lived in Denver for 7 years, and grew up in Nederland Colorado. I eat all around the state, I know a lot of hidden gems, and want to share them with you. I am always looking for good restaurants and I am sick of digging and digging for that information, come on Colorado lets share what we are eating!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Greek is weak

Ok first of all I love GYROS!!!!!  But when I stopped at a place called Yianni's Gyros place, you think, ya this place is gonna rock.  Sadly it did not rock, it was really greasy.  It looked pretty.............

But not very good.  The fries were bland they did not have salt.  The gyros was cooked on a flat top that made it crispy in parts that were nice, but tasted like it cooked in its own fat, much better to find a place where they cut it off the spit not a oily.  Also no feta or olive was present and I like my gyros with those.  So Yianni you have not earned a place in my heart, I will not likely return to this place.  If you want to go there, it is on Colfax in Lakewood. 

Carne Asada, need I say more??????????????

First this is a chain restaurant in Colorado, second it is delicious, and I do not think I have ever eaten at one that I do not like.  The Tres margaritas that Michelle and I lunched at yesterday is on 92nd ave and Sheridan in Arvada CO. They have a website but it is useless, it doesn't work, don't bother going to the website just go to the restaurant.  Michelle and I have been eating here for a long time, it used to be farther south but they moved it a few years ago to it's new location.  The food is really good.  One thing that I say about Mexican food is; if the salsa is good the food will be good. 

Salsa is awesome!!!!!
Theirs is great and really fresh tasting.  If you are a regular, and you know, they also make this mushroom salsa that you can ask for it is like pico de gallo with mushrooms in a vinegar and oil dressing, at some locations they charge for it and at others it is free.  Anyway we did not get any yesterday, just went with good old chips and salsa.  Michelle and I both ordered Carne Asada, grilled steak with rice, beans, and guacamole.

carne asada
You can not go wrong with this dish.  I get corn and Michelle got flour tortillas, both are homemade and super fantastic.  I have had so many items at Tres Margaritas, I have never had anything bad, I know it is weird.  So grab a friend and head over, you will love it, I promise.

Michelle loves Carne Asada :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot Cakes Diner

Sunday morning breakfast at a restaurant does not really appeal to me, but I know it appeals to you.  The one thing that I hate about weekend breakfast spots, is I hate waiting, I just want some damn eggs and I want them now!!!!!!  Ok a bit dramatic I know, so I think we got into this place just under the line.  Hotcakes Diner is located here............................
Now this is far from my house but Teresa and I were going to a movie at the Esquire Theatre so it is closer to that.  When arriving it was not too busy, it was crowded but we did not have to wait.  The decor is like a cafe, typical breakfast place nothing out of the ordinary.  Waitress brought water and coffee, the coffee was horrible and I was hoping that was not a sign of things to come.  I usually do not order sweet things for breakfast but something on the menu caught my eye, sweet potato waffle, yes I needed to have that.  My fellow restaurant goers, Teresa and Jesse had different things in mind, but I knew I had to have that waffle.  Service and food was really fast and that is always important to a breakfast place.  My waffle stole the show, just look how beautiful it was,

Yes a thing of beauty!!!!!!  This was by far the best thing I have ever had for breakfast.  I would say if you are gonna go here to eat, order this and you will not be sad.  Now as far as the other foods.  Teresa ordered eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and pancakes, she said it was good and she really liked the bacon.  I do not eat bacon so I will take her word on that.  My waffle came with eggs and sausage patty, eggs were done nicely and the sausage patty from from a box of patties, not homemade.  Jesse had a country skillet thing, eggs, hashbrowns, chicken fried steak cover in gravy, looked like a mess and he didn't seem to enjoy it too much either. 

bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns
country skillet
Overall get the waffle, skip the coffee and skillet.  Nice place to go when you want to breakfast on the weekend without a wait.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Real Quick

I popped back into ernie's last weekend and was still totally awesome.  Check out the pictures.  Word to the wise the service here is slow, but the food is worth the wait. 
left chicken parm sandwich, right roasted eggplant and mozzarella

House salad

Saturday, April 9, 2011

TakeAway or in the USA, Take out, either way delish!!!!!

So on Wednesday I was just plain exhausted, really I couldn't even move, and God knows I wasn't about to cook.  My roomie Mike suggested we order from Thai Basil (this is the one at 3301 W 38th Ave Denver) and he would go and pick it up ( they do deliver but he was being nice).  I really love rice noodle bowls and this is what I get every single time, combo of meats.  I think it is hard to mess up a rice noodle bowl, these are good, not the best but really good for not having to make dinner.  I also ordered some crab and cheese wontons. 

Rice noodle bowl, combo meats

crab cheese wontons
 overall this is a nice place to get a take away, or have them deliver.  I have never actually eaten at the restaurant itself so if anyone has please let me know.  I see a lot that this place has cheap beers and a happy hour, I do not think you can go wrong with asian food and beer.  They also have a super large menu that has some of everything.  I think next time I might try a curry as I am a sucker for a good curry.  So go ahead and get some next time you do not want to cook......................

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Worst Mexican Food I'ver ever had in Colorado

If you are looking for over-salted meat, over-salted salsa and bad customer service, then by all means visit, El Tapatio,5390 Wadsworth Bypass. Arvada, CO 80002.  My friend Mike and I went here last Wednesday night around 6pm.  First off we were greeted and sat down immediately.  We were brought chips and salsa.  We both asked for a coke to drink.  The drinks came fast.  The menu here is really large, I think maybe too large.  Mike and I dug into the chips and salsa and we were a bit disappointed.  The salsa is really, really, salty and pretty spicy for most people's liking(I like spicy food, but I can see someone who does not rejecting this salsa).  Second the chips were not fresh made, pretty much tasted liked they opened a bag and dumped them in the tray. 

I ordered something that I thought was a great idea, and still do.  I actually think I am going to make a version of it at home, but will not go back to El Tapatio for a repeat.  I had the El Tapatio special which is fajita meat placed on top of a cheese quesadilla and served with rice, beans, and sour cream.  I love the idea of this, or putting fajitas in a quesadilla would be good as well.  The meat was salty and overcooked and the beans tasted like they came from a can (not homemade).  It kind of reminded me of eating at Taco Bell but I think I might have enjoyed Taco Bell more, at least I could have eaten it in my car.

Mike got something called Enchiladas Rancheros, Enchiladas topped with an egg.  He pretty much ate the whole thing but when I asked him if he liked it he said, "Not really."  Typical boy eats the whole thing even though it doesn't taste good.  He is from the school of not wasting food, I am from the school of if it tastes bad don't eat it. 

As far as the service goes, it was bad.  There are a lot of TV's around the restaurant and our waitress was pretty much into watching that instead of helping us.  When she brought the food she never came back until I saw her and asked her for more coke, she got it for me since we were sitting right next to the wait station, but never asked Mike if he wanted anymore and his glass was almost empty.  People that work in the serving industry should at least want to work a little for a tip, this girl seemed like she was here to just earn minimum wage and really didn't give a F*** about anything else.  Mike left the tip and I think he left $5 which I felt was way too much. Overall, if you want to eat bad Mexican food, get bad service, and sit in an old Bennigans building, this is the place for you.  If that does not sound appealing to you, I would skip this place.