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I have lived in Denver for 7 years, and grew up in Nederland Colorado. I eat all around the state, I know a lot of hidden gems, and want to share them with you. I am always looking for good restaurants and I am sick of digging and digging for that information, come on Colorado lets share what we are eating!!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I think I might be half greek...........

If there is one thing that I love just as much as Mexican food it is Greek food.  I am sure if I ever get to go to Greece I will love the food just as much, but what I am talking about is gyros which I am pretty sure is not what they eat in Greece.  I just love it and I think and I know that is probably not very good for you, but I really don't care because I love it.  I kind of do what I want, you should just get to know that about me.  So my favorite food companions Teresa and Jesse suggested Melita's Greek Cafe and market they eat there a lot but I have not and it was on my list of places to try so off we went.  You walk in and it looks like a diner with some grocery items to one side, I think OK this looks pretty good, because everyone knows that the lower the ambiance is, you are probably going to have a good meal.  They have a menu on the wall, the kind of menu you see at a bowling alley snack stand with the red and black press in letters and numbers......I am liking this already.  I grabbed a paper menu to have a peek.

I love a good paper menu.  I order some hummus and pita to start, I have to have an appetizer it is like a drug or something, I have found many a good food just by ordering an appetizer.  The hummus was great, and the pita is grilled on a flat top which makes it slightly oily and toasted which is even better.

hummus and pita
droollllllllllllllllllllllll sorry I had a moment of pita and hummus coma for a minute.  Ok on to the main event.  Teresa had falafel sandwich and french fries, which I of course tasted.  The falafel was really well seasoned and I am pretty sure made in house and homemade with ingredients on hand not from a box. 

falafel sandwich
Jesse ordered the gyros sandwich with a side salad.  I like the fact that you can get fries or a salad with the combo because sometimes you do not want fries and you don't want to pay extra for a salad.  I also had some salad with my gyros platter and I will say the salad here is very fresh and not boring, see picture below to figure out "not boring". 
gyros sandwich
I don't really know if Jesse liked this but I think it was gone in about 2 minutes flat, and that is very strange for Jesse so I am going to say that he LOVED it and move on.  The gyros platter was similar but comes with some baklava as a dessert.  I really enjoyed my food and took half home to eat the next night for dinner, I just tossed it with some more salad greens and had two salads from one meal.  This place really gives you a lot of meat so chances are you will be taking some home.  I am definitely going here again, and by again I mean soon, and by soon I mean maybe this weekend.  If you are not in the mood for greek they do offer cheese burgers and different types of sandwiches, I am sure they are all good.  So what are you waiting for, an invitation?  Go there now.

top view gyros platter

side view gyros platter


  1. Aww, you're our favorite food companion too! :)

  2. Good because I am glad you like to come with me!!!!! :)