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I have lived in Denver for 7 years, and grew up in Nederland Colorado. I eat all around the state, I know a lot of hidden gems, and want to share them with you. I am always looking for good restaurants and I am sick of digging and digging for that information, come on Colorado lets share what we are eating!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Falafel, I love you

So one thing that I really really really love is Greek food.  I love kebobs, gyros, hummus, feta, olive oil.....................the list goes on and on.  I was recently looking around where I live in Denver and saw some reviews of a kind of fast-food Mediterranean place, I thought at once that is where I need to go and I added it to my list on my iphone of a place I needed to eat.  That place is called Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok when you go in the give you a falafel sample for free, and who doesn't love something for free?  This place is kind of like Chipolte for Mediterranean food.  They all sorts of goodies laid out, and you get to choose what you want.  They offer a choice of getting; a pita sandwich, a plate, a laffa, or a salad.  First the meat or protein, they have chicken shwarma, steak shwarma, and falafel...........simple and easy, I wish they had gyros but it is still good.  I opted for a chicken shwarma pita. 

You can pretty much stuff the world into this pita, and I did.  I got vegetable salad, hummus, babaganoush, tabuleh, cabbage, and pickled eggplant.  Ok let's stop for a minute, this pickled eggplant stuff is incredible you have to get it even if you don't like eggplant, because you will love it.  Ok back to the pita, I topped mine with feta (.79 extra) and I got the Mediterranean garlic sauce which is amazing and you must get it.  I also got a side of falafels to go with my sandwich.  This sandwich is awesome!!!!!!!  You will leave filling very, very full but it is the kind of full that makes you happy.  As a side note I went to the one in the Highlands, but this is a chain and they have a few around town.  You must try this place, it is great.  I will eat here over Chipolte any day. 

Red pieces are pickled eggplant

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